Orders now being taken for 2017 Marlfield Lamb

Marlfield Farm

We're now taking orders for 2017 lamb; born and raised on our meadows at Marlfield Farm. Available in the autumn, straight from the butcher, in mouth-watering cuts, sealed, labelled and ready for your freezer.

We are selling our lamb this year in boxes of either half a lamb or full lamb. We only have a limited supply so if you're interested, please let us know ASAP.

A full lamb box contains approximately 16kg lamb meat, and typically includes 2 roasting leg joints, 2 leg fillet joints, 2 shoulder joints, 24 chops, 4 leg steaks, 1 neck, 1 belly. Half lamb contains approx. 8kg lamb meat and includes half the quantities of the full lamb.

Price for half a lamb is £80.00 and for a full lamb the price is £150.

If you're interested, please contact Dan on 01282 842224 or mobile 07866 942969 or email dan@marlfieldfarm.co.uk

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