Zero Carbon Footprint

Agriculture in particular is very much in the spotlight at the moment for its carbon footprint. With this in mind, we thought we would examine the carbon footprint of Marlfield Farm using the Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit.

This toolkit takes account of all of our emissions as well as our storage of carbon, and ultimately our carbon balance. Thanks to the large amount of tree planting that we have carried out, and various other work to help the biodiversity on our farm, our carbon balance shows that we store far more carbon than we emit. You can see details of our carbon footprint below.


CO2e (kg/year) % total emis.
Fuel 469 2.85%
Materials 81 0.50%
Capital Items 0 0.00%
Livestock 15,898 96.63%
Fertility 0 0.00%
Agro-chemicals 0 0.00%
Distribution 3 0.02%
Waste 0 0.00%
Total: 16,452 100%

Sequestration (Storage)

CO2 (kg/year) % total seq.
Field Margins 0 0.00%
Soil Organic Matter 0 0.00%
Orchards & Vineyard 0 0.00%
Wetland 0 0.00%
Woodland & Hedges 135,922 100.00%
Woodland (detailed analysis) 0 0.00%
Total 135,922 100.00%

Carbon Balance

The graphic below illustrates the carbon balance for Marlfield Farm based upon the figures above. As you can see, our carbon balance is -119,470 CO2 (kg/year) meaning we store (sequester) over 100 thousand kilograms of carbon per year.

Pie chart illustrating Marlfield Farm carbon balance.

To find out about the different environmental aspects to our farm, please see our biodiversity and conservation page.