Artisan Rare & Native Sheepskin Rugs

As a new venture, we have recently started producing sheepskin rugs from our rare and native sheep. Find out how and why we produce them on this page.


It's never fun taking our sheep to the abattoir and one thing that doesn't make it any easier is seeing all their skins going to waste afterwards. We believe that if an animal has to go, then as much of that animal should be valued and used as possible. For this reason we have decided to produce sheepskin rugs from some of our animals. Doing so not only minimises waste but it also allows us to generate an income from what would otherwise be a waste product.

How are they produced?

When we take some sheep to the abattoir, we collect some of the best examples of the skins and bring them back to the farm where they are dry-cured for up to three weeks in fine salt.

After they have cured, they are then sent off to the Welsh Organic Tannery where they are finished using traditional chemical-free methods. This process takes time and experience and is much slower than a chemical-based approach.

Best of British!

Did you know that over 95% of animal skins in the UK are being shipped thousands of miles overseas to be treated chemically in uncontrolled environmental conditions?

Our sheepskins are different because they are sent to south west Wales to the Welsh Organic Tannery where they are finished into wonderful sheepskins using only vegetable based tannins and without any bleach which makes them friendly to people, babies and other animals.

Full details about the tanning process can be found on the Welsh Organic Tannery's website.