Marlfield Farm Blog

Engineering With Nature Atlas

Posted: 11th June 2024

Our natural flood management work has been featured in Vol. 3 of the "Engineering With Nature" Atlas, compiled by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Hay Making 2023 (Part 1)

Posted: 11th June 2023

Thanks to a great team of friends and family we have successfully made our first batch of meadow hay from 2023.

A Wildflower Meadow Wander

Posted: 7th June 2023

Taking a break from fixing the tractor, I decided to have a wander through our main wildflower meadow and see what I could find.

Venturing into new business: sheepskin rugs!

Posted: 29th September 2021

In an effort to reduce waste and maximise true value from our rare and native breed sheep, we have decided to venture into producing our very own sheepskin rugs.

RIP Mighty Beech Tree *Updated*

Posted: 24th February 2020

It's one of the most iconic trees on the farm, defining the view down the valley, but today we say goodbye to the mighty beech tree that has stood tall at the bottom of the House Meadow for hundreds of years.

Boreray and Soay from the Manx Ark Project come to Marlfield Farm

Posted: 24th February 2020

Twelve sheep from the Manx Ark Project dispersal sale in Clitheroe on Saturday 15th February now call Marlfield Farm their home. We are very pleased to be able to offer a home to these lovely sheep.

RBST Primitive Produce Project Donors

Posted: 10th December 2019

We were pleased to be donate two North Ronaldsay and two Shetland wethers to the RBST Primitive Produce Project; aiming to promote the meat and other produce from these animals to different audiences.