Venturing into new business: sheepskin rugs!

In an effort to reduce waste and maximise true value from our rare and native breed sheep, we have decided to venture into producing our very own sheepskin rugs.

It's never fun taking our animals to the abattoir and one thing that doesn't make it any easier is seeing all their skins going to waste after the process is done. For this reason we have decided to try and produce our own sheepskin rugs from some of our sheep after they have been processed at the abattoir.

It is quite a time-consuming process, taking up to three weeks to cure the skins in salt first and then sending them off to the Welsh Organic Tannery in south west Wales for finishing without chemicals or bleach.

This is a new venture for us and is therefore very much a "work-in-progress"! For full details about this new venture, please see our Sheepskin Rugs page under the "Shop" menu.