Rare Breed Meat Boxes

The meat (hogget and mutton) from our rare breed sheep is slowly-grown, full of flavour, high-welfare, sustainable and not only environmentally friendly but in fact carries a zero carbon footprint. Full details on how our meat is produced to have the most delicious flavour can be found on our meat information page.

You can order a meat box from us in the following sizes:

  • Full "lamb"1 box
  • 1/2 "lamb"1 box

A typical full box will contain the following joints:

  • 2 legs, each one cut into two joints (top half and bottom half)
  • 2 shoulders, again, each cut into two joints (top half and bottom half)
  • lamb chops (the number varies according to the size of the animal)
  • steaks (again, the number varies according to the size of the animal)
  • neck joints
  • breast joints

If you have specific requests for certain cuts to be done in a certain way, sometimes we can accommodate these requests, so please let us know. One typical request we sometimes get is to have the lamb chops made into a rack of lamb rather than individual chops.

Sometimes we are able to offer smaller box sizes, to introduce you to this delicious product, but it is not as economical for us to do this, so we would prefer to sell in 1/2 boxes. It is also worth noting that we only sell our meat boxes at certain times of year, usually between Christmas and Easter. It depends on when the sheep are fully grown and this varies from year to year. Please contact us if you are interested in buying a meat box and we will let you know when we will next have some available.

Meat Box Orders

If you are interested in ordering a meat box from us at a later time and would like to be added to our mailing list, please submit our meat box enquiry form and we will contact you when we have something available.

Meat Box Enquiry Form


If you're looking for recipes to inspire your cooking of our native breed hogget, please download our recipes.

1 Our meat boxes are in fact hogget or mutton, rather than lamb. This is because lamb is categorised as a sheep of being up to 12 months old. Hogget is between 12 months and 24 months. Mutton is over 24 months. Our meat boxes are in fact hogget or mutton because our sheep are slowly grown and do not reach full size until they are at least 18 months old and some breeds even longer. We use the term "lamb" here just for familiarity.