Shetland Sheep For Sale

Once classified as a "rare breed", the Shetland breed of sheep is native the British Isles and is quite different to the more common commercial breeds and so we are happy to offer any advice if you're new to keeping Shetland sheep. We are also centrally located in the UK which is handy for those travelling long distances but we are also able to deliver if this is preferred.

Shetland Sheep

Shetland Sheep Society Registered Shetland Sheep

We currently have a good variety of Shetland sheep available for sale ranging from lambs right through to older sheep, including ewes, rams and wethers as well as ewes with lambs at foot. If you're interested in any then please get in touch and we can send some photos and details of current availability.

Due to our mixed bloodlines, we are also in a position to offer a starter flock of Shetland sheep, including an unrelated tup. For more information, please do get in touch. Here are some photos of some of our Shetland sheep currently available for sale.

2022 Shetland Ewe Lambs

These are our currently available Shetland ewe lambs from 2022. They are all fully registered with the Shetland Sheep Society. These photos were taken before they were tagged.

Marlfield Orchid

Marlfield Iris

Marlfield Nigella

Marlfield Veronica

Marlfield Daisy

Marlfield Honeysuckle

Marlfield Dahlia

Marlfield Petunia

Older Shetland Ewes

We have the following older Shetland ewes available, including shearling ewes. They are all fully registered with the Shetland Sheep Society.

Marlfield Lizzie

Marlfield Beatrice

Marlfield Lottie

Marlfield Diana

Marlfield Megan

Marlfield Kate

Parkford Elma

Marlfield Bea

Marlfield Mary

Marlfield Beth

Shetland Rams / Tups

We have the following shetland rams and tups available. Again, they are fully registered with the Shetland Sheep Society. Some of these are unrelated to our available ewes so please consult the flock book or alternatively contact us and we will be happy to check bloodlines.

Stubb Celt

Shetland Sheep Starter Flocks

We may be able to offer Shetland sheep starter flocks depending on availability and time of year so please do get in touch with us if you are looking for a starter flock of Shetland sheep. They make great sheep for first-time keepers as well as experienced keepers.

We do also have other rare and native breeds of sheep available for sale as below....

Looking to buy?

If you are looking to buy some Shetland sheep from us or if you're interested in finding out more, please submit a sheep enquiry form so that we can discuss your requirements and find the best animals for your needs.

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